WP Site Security Guide

WordPress powers more than 40% of websites and its popularity makes it a target for cyber-criminals. It’s also a platform in continuous development, open to changes and integrations with third parties.

They say common sense isn’t so common, but in terms of security, it’s your best ally. Of course, there is no such thing as a 100% secure website, but this (25+ expert tips) guide, by SiteGround, can help a lot in maintaining a safe site for a long time.

At SEO Services Bristol Ltd, we are aware of the many ways your site can fall prey to attacks and
we’re committed to helping site owners protect themselves. We use this guide to increase
our knowledge of WordPress web security, implement new measures to secure your blog or site, and spread the word with SiteGround about the need to protect websites.

To get help securing your blog or site, contact us.

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