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Case Study

The success of the two blogs that we created to support DES awareness is based on testing WordPress options and effectiveness.

  1. On, we launched, now using theme twenty seventeen – see demo.
  2. On, similar to those who need a 100% free start., we launched, now using theme twenty sixteen – see demo – and header image © Alberto Sebastiani.

We also created the social media networks for those blogs. As an example, despite starting from scratch, the audience and reach grew to over 2800 fans on Facebook, 3800 followers on Twitter and 940 subscribers on YouTube.

Recently we move the 2nd blog (that had more than 4,800 articles/posts published and 4,050 media items) to become self hosted too, on, keeping the same layout.

For SEO Services Bristol Ltd company website, launched in March 2020, we opted for theme lodestar – see demo – which is perfect for small businesses.

We try to favour the very best WP plugins and themes that are regularly updated and have been downloaded by many. However, we test many other ones as well and have our own custom list for new site launch. Get an idea here.