image of Nat Adderley

WordPress 5.4 Released

WordPress 5.4, named in honour of American jazz musician Nat Adderley, was released on March 31 and includes a robust list of new blocks, enhancements, and new features for both users and developers.

This major release should improve the way you create content on your websites (building more with blocks, faster and easier).


  • Two new blocks. And better blocks overall.
  • Cleaner UI, clearer navigation – and easier tabbing!
  • Your fundamental right: privacy.

The primary focus areas of this release includes the block editor, privacy, accessibility, and developer improvements, with the full list of enhancements covered in WP 5.4 field guide.

Version 5.4.1 addressed some security issues and fixed 11 bugs. For more information, see the release notes.

image of organising an online event

Organising Your Online Event

The world is in a very difficult place right now, and the online communities aren’t an exception. Everywhere you look, events are being cancelled, and for people who network online, this can be really unsettling, as we’re all close and we miss our gatherings.

Luckily, we get to stay connected online and especially now, when staying home is the right thing to do, taking your event online is a smart and easy move.

SiteGround has put a short guide that will help you organise an online event in four easy and actionable steps :

  1. Why You Need An Online Event And How To Promote It.
  2. Get The Right Platform.
  3. Prepare Your Presenters.
  4. Test Technical Settings.

Read SiteGround’s blog.