Google My Business: Sign-Up, Claim & Verify

With a Business Profile on Google, you can manage how your local business shows up across Google products, like Maps and Search. If you run a business that serves customers at a particular location, or you serve customers within a designated service area, your Business Profile can help people find you. Verified businesses on Google are twice as likely to be considered reputable.

This Yext guide to Google my Business provides guidance on how to claim and verify your business.

If you have any issues or questions regarding Google My Business,​ visit Google My Business Help​ page, where you can find all the information about the product.

image of wp 5.9

WordPress 5.9

WordPress 5.9, What’s New?

This latest, most versatile WordPress release is here: download it or update it directly from your dashboard. Official announcement post.

Full site editing is here

It puts you in control of your whole site, right in the WordPress Admin.

twenty twenty two

Say hello to Twenty Twenty‑Two

And say hello to the first default block theme in the history of WordPress. This is more than just a new default theme. It’s a brand-new way to work with WordPress themes.

Block themes put a wide array of visual choices in your hands, from colour schemes and typeface combinations to page templates and image filters – all together, in the site editing interface. By making changes in one place, you can give Twenty Twenty‑Two the same look and feel as your brand or other websites – or take your site’s look in another direction.

The Twenty Twenty‑Two theme is already available to you. It came installed with WordPress 5.9, and you will find it with your other installed themes.

Your personal paintbox awaits

More block themes built for full site editing features are in the Theme Directory alongside the Twenty Twenty‑Two theme, just waiting to be explored. Expect more to come!

When you use any of those new themes, you no longer need the Customiser. Instead, you have all the power of the Styles interface inside the Site Editor. Just as in Twenty Twenty‑Two, you build your site’s look and feel there, with the tools you need for the job in a fluid interface that practically comes alive in your hands.

global styles
navigation block

The Navigation block

Blocks come to site navigation, the heart of user experience.

The new Navigation block gives you the power to choose: an always-on responsive menu or one that adapts to your user’s screen size. Whatever you create, know it’s there to reuse wherever you like, whether in a brand new template or after switching themes.

More improvements and updates

Do you love to blog or produce content? New tweaks to the publishing flow help you say more, faster.

block controls

Better block controls

WordPress 5.9 features new typography tools, flexible layout controls, and finer control over details like spacing, borders, and more – to help you get not just the look, but the polish that says you care about details.

The power of patterns

The WordPress Pattern Directory is the home of a wide range of block patterns built to save you time and add core site functionality. And you can edit them as you see fit. Need something different in the header or footer for your theme? Swap it out with a new one in a few clicks.

With a near full-screen view that draws you in to see fine details, the Pattern Explorer makes it easy to compare patterns and choose the one your users will expect.

list view

A revamped List View

In 5.9, the List View lets you drag and drop your content exactly where you want it. Managing complex documents is easier, too: simple controls let you expand and collapse sections as you build your site — and add HTML anchors to your blocks to help users get around the page.

A better Gallery block

Treat every image in a Gallery block the same way you would treat it in the Image block.

Style every image in your gallery differently from the next (with different crops, or duotones, for instance) or make them all the same. And change the layout with drag-and-drop.

gallery block

WordPress 5.9 for developers

Introducing block themes

A new way to build themes: block themes use blocks to define the templates that structure your entire site. The new templates and template parts are defined in HTML and use the custom styling offered in theme.json. More information is available in the block themes dev note.

Multiple style sheets for a block

Now you can register more than one style sheet per block. You can use this to share styles across blocks you write, or to load styles for individual blocks, so your styles are only loaded when the block is used. Find out more about using multiple style sheets in a block.

Block‑level locking

Now you can lock any block (or a few of them) in a pattern, just by adding a lock attribute to its settings in block.json – leaving the rest of the pattern free for site editors to adapt to their content.

A refactored Gallery block

The changes to the Gallery block listed above are the result of a near-complete refactoring. Have you built a plugin or theme on the Gallery block functionality? Be sure to read the Gallery block compatibility dev note.

learn video

Learn more about the new features in 5.9

Want to dive into 5.9 but don’t know where to start? Visit for expanding resources on new features in WordPress 5.9.

Check out the Field Guide for more!

Check out the latest version of the WordPress Field Guide. It highlights developer notes for each change of which you may want to be aware. WordPress 5.9 Field Guide.

image of Google SE Visibility The Basics

Google SE Visibility: The Basics

Google is a fully automated search engine that uses web crawlers to explore the web constantly, looking for sites to add to our index; you usually don’t even need to do anything except post your site on the web. In fact, the vast majority of sites listed in Google results aren’t manually submitted for inclusion, but found and added automatically when Google crawl the web.

Here are a few basic questions to ask yourself about your website when you get started.

  • Is my website showing up on Google?
  • Do I serve high-quality content to users?
  • Is my local business showing up on Google?
  • Is my content fast and easy to access on all devices?
  • Is my website secure?

This Basic Search Visibility Checklist provides guidance on how to improve your site for search engines, organized by topic.

Looking for more advice on how to optimize your website? Read Google’s SEO starter guide (2010).

You can also visit Google Search Central and explore Google Search documentation to improve your site’s SEO.

image of Social Media Free Guide

Social Media Free Guide

Social media is a constantly evolving online platform from which to showcase your business, your skills and what you can offer to current and potential customers alike. Which means it can be an extremely lucrative marketing channel.

This free guide by Yell aims to look at six social media major players and provide some useful points to get you started.

  • Why should you care about social media?
  • The global social media landscape.
  • The main contenders.
  • Where should your business be?
  • Do’s & Don’ts.
  • Scheduling your content.
image of Twenty Twenty-Two Theme

Twenty Twenty-Two New WordPress Default Theme

WordPress 5.9 (final release planned for 25 January 2022) will feature a brand new default theme named Twenty Twenty-Two. With the advent of Full Site Editing and Global Styles, themes are changing structurally and functionally to enable far more avenues for customization than users have come to expect in the past. To take advantage of these new abilities, Twenty Twenty-Two has been designed to be the most flexible default theme ever created for WordPress.


  • A reliable starting point.
  • Endlessly customizable.
  • Built for Full Site Editing.

Find out more in WP official announcement post. When available, download it from here.