About Google Analytics

As a business owner, you should become familiar with Google Analytics (GA), a platform that collects data from your website (and apps) to help you analyse your visitors’ behaviour and customers’ needs.

To measure a website, you first have to create a GA account. Then you need to add a small piece of script / html code to each page on your site. Every time a user visits a webpage, the tracking code will collect pseudonymous information about how that user interacted with the page.

Google Analytics will also collect information like the language setting, the type of browser used, the device and operating system. It can even collect the “traffic source” – what brought users to the site – via a search engine, an advertisement they clicked on, or an email marketing campaign.

When the measurement code collects data, it packages that information up and sends it to GA to be processed. The data is stored in a database where it can’t be changed but is available for you to read and/or to create reports that provide insights into your business.

To get help setting up your GA account, link it to your GSC, G Ads or more, contact us.
See also this old 2012 GA guide.

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